Mini Pre & Post Microneedling Kit

Designed to prepare and look after the skin before and after microneedling



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How To Use

Step one


Follow your recommended protocol as per skin type and condition. Add in 2 pumps of Vitaskin morning and night for 4 weeks pre-needling to stimulate collagen and strengthen barrier for optimal skin condition.

Step two


Day 1-3 – Cleanse skin with your cleanser and then apply Ultrasonic Gel evenly over face. Follow with Kiwi Seed Oil evenly both morning and night. You should not be using your normal skin regime yet.

Step three

Day 4 Enzyme Facial – Attend your booked salon appointment or apply Papaya Radiance Peel to clean skin for 15 minutes and remove with warm water. You can resume normal home care today if comfortable to do so. Add in GloBiotic Serum from day 4 into normal homecare routine until finished.